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Eye Glass & Contact Lens

Vision Eye Hospital offers advanced optics and contact lens services to improve your vision. This allows you to see clearly and with more accuracy, whether you are looking into the world around you orjust taking a close-up picture of something important. With Advanced Optics, you'll experience better clarity and contrast, making life easier and providing a sharper image. Contact lenses let you achieve an even brighter view, so it's easier to read text, headlines, and other materials.

Eye Glass & Contact Lens

Prescription Glasses, Sun Glasses

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For prescription glasses we take order and check our ready stock, if available which meets your need and conforms your prescription we can deliver within one hour. If you need customize glasses, usually we can deliver within 24 hours except for holidays.


We usually deliver prescription glasses within 24 hours. We have home delivery services. 

We know how important your items are, so it is our first priority to deliver your goods as soon as possible. 

You can take deliver from our shop or we can arrange home delivery for you. You will get a confirmation message when product is ready.

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