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General Ophthalmic Specialist Services

General Ophthalmic Specialist Services

Clinical Examination and Investigation

Specialists of this services are equipped with all common ophthalmic procedures designed to solve common eye problems. Patients seeking specialized services for following problems are dealt here.

  • Blurring of vision - distance and near (Refraction service)
  • Double vision or seeing multiple images
  • Watering and discharge from eyes.
  • Itching, foreign body sensation, burning, pricking sensation, etc.
  • Pain in eyes, heaviness feeling, disturbance of looking at light.
  • Red eyes
  • Prominent eyes – abnormal protrusion of eyeball.
  • Deviation of eyes - squinted eye, disfigurement of eyes
  • Eyelid problem – swelling, nodule, drooping, retraction, lash misdirection, etc.


  • Headache, vertigo, dizziness (Headache service)
  • Lack of concentration in reading.
  • Computer vision related problems.
  • Facial asymmetry, disfigurement.
  • Cosmetic problem.